Collezione La Scuola nel Vigneto

Domìni Veneti spreads the concept of wine as culture, art and history, starting from its solid connection with the land.

La Scuola nel Vigneto Collection

La Scuola nel Vigneto (School in the Vineyard) is the social-educational project of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar and Domìni Veneti which promotes the teaching and knowledge of winemaking traditions in Valpolicella, with its historical and naturalistic aspects, attention to the environment and the value of creativity, solidarity and sustainability.

The new line of IGT Corvina, Garganega and Rosato Verona wines is dedicated to safeguarding the landscape, the art of dry-stone construction and biodiversity. The labels come from the Artistic Competition “The Valpolicella Landscape: particularities and details”, the seventh edition of the social-educational project La Scuola nel Vigneto.

Soft and fresh


Semi-dry red wine with delicately spiced and cherry aromas. It has a soft, fresh and balanced taste with silky tannins. Ideal for a dinner with friends while enjoying fresh pasta seasoned with vegetables or meat sauces. Excellent for a snack or tastings of cured meats and medium-aged cheeses.

750 ml

semi-dry red wine

Corvina – Merlot

Fine and fresh


Garganega grapes have a straw-yellow colour just like the semi-dry wine they produce. With aromas of flowers and white fruits, the wine has a fine, fresh and joyfully harmonious taste with exotic nuances. Ideal with appetisers, excellent paired with vegetarian first courses or delicate fish-based second courses.

750 ml

semi-dry white wine


Fruity wine, excellent with fish


Semi-dry rosé wine with fragrant and floral aroma, and a fresh, fruity flavour of strawberries and raspberries, slightly tangy.
Excellent paired with grilled fish and white meats, but also for a snack with cured meats and fresh cheeses.

750 ml

semi-dry rosé wine